Decorative Keepsake Boxes

I’m making four kinds of boxes so far: A six inch square, a four inch square, both are 3 ¼’ high, and a recipe box for 4"x 6" index cards that measures
7 1/8" long, 4 3/4" wide, and 5 1/2" tall.
New in 2012 we have our 5 inch cube!

The 6" and 4" both have black velvet on the inside bottom (not flocking). All my boxes have black felt on the outside bottom. The insides have a white Baltic birch veneer, with a hardwood lid liner, and the Quiltboxes brand with signature.  The hinges and knob are solid brass.

Keepsake Boxes, Women’s Jewelry Boxes, Men’s Watch Boxes, Recipe Boxes… I strive to make my boxes decorative and artistic objects in their own right – and you can put stuff in them too! These all-hand-crafted wooden boxes are produced in small numbers. A pair of boxes with matching patterns and woods would make a unique and thoughtful wedding gift.

The four inch box has a removable lid that has a small inlaid registration “button”. This is to insure that the grain and figure pattern on the sides match.

The recipe boxes come with cards and tabs.

The latest box is the 5 inch cube.
These were in the works for a while and we think they are our most special offering.
We'll be introducing a limited number of quilt patterns at first due to the work that's involved in creating one of these boxes. We hope to have around 5 patters offered in the 5 inch box with a wide variety of woods.


  1. What beautiful work! I would choose Mariner's Star just for the lovely detail. Thank you for this opportunity to win one of the boxes.

  2. How do I buy the Mariners Star ??