Hole-In-The-Barn-Door boxes

Here are the Hole-In-The-Barn-Door boxes I made from Sandi’s design, She'll get her pick.
There are 4 woods used (and so 4 boxes) but I cheated a little and added a fifth wood to my “stack” before I cut the pattern, and I’m glad I did. The top two are the 4 woods I had in mind from Sandi’s description of how she though the colors should look, Purple Heart, Walnut burl (the darkest), Koa (the orange), and Tamo (the lightest).
The bottom boxes have another wood called Santos, or Bolivian Rosewood which I switched out for the Tamo to get some better contrast.

It’s been a fun project. I hope more custom ideas come along!

My next project is four more recipe boxes in time for Christmas. There are only two left in the shop now!

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