The Quiltboxes Team

I want to introduce you to the other half of Quiltboxes, my girl friend Beth.
Beth is.. Well, let’s see – a computer geek/techie, green thumb, MBA, quilter, and master baker from a line of bakers. (I know what you’re thinking - who’s a lucky dog 8-). And she’s the apple of my eye.
Beth thought it would be nice to offer to Facebook fans a free down load of a set of recipe cards – “A Muffin Year”. The first set of 4 is available now at
If you have a printer that will print 4x6 index cards you’re all set.

Coincidently ;-) I happen to make recipe card boxes that just happen to hold 4x6 inch cards. Two are up now at my web store Sorry there aren’t more but there will be after the holidays. Bad timing, I know.
Thanks for your support and enthusiasm, it means a great deal to us.
The best of Holiday to all the fans, I hope it's a great one for you.

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  1. Your work is beautiful and so perfect for a quilter like myself. I've never worked in wood, only fabric, but I come from a family of carpenters and woodworkers, including fine furniture makers and a bowl turner. I'm drawn to beautiful wood as I am to fabric, and I appreciate the time and skill that goes into working with intricate designs such as yours.

    Give my thanks to Beth for the recipe cards-I plan to give a set to my niece whose husband makes furniture.
    BTW, I found you via pigtalesandquilts. Thanks very much.