A Bigger Box

I thought I’d give you a look at my latest idea/project/mania. It’s a nine inch box with the height of my recipe box, 5 ½". I’m only making two right now and I’m going to set them up as humidors. I’ve already lined them with Spanish cedar which smells great!
Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that there aren’t a lot of cigar smokers in my Quiltboxes fan base, but perhaps a nine inch box would make a good sewing box, or who knows what else. As I like to say you can put anything in them that fits!

The first pattern that popped into my head for a humidor was, you guessed it, Mariner’s Star. The guys will dig it. Just don’t tell’em it’s a quilt block!
Some stunning Walnut crotch, puddled Bubinga, and my favorite light wood Tamo (Japanese Ash), are what I’m using for the top. I’m making the Walnut and the Bubinga boxes first. Pictures to follow ASAP.

A closer look:

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  1. Your work is beautiful! as I was looking at this, I was pondering curves, have you seen the New York Beauty block? Are they possible in this medium even? I know I'm scared of them in fabric haha keep up the great work Dave, I'd live to own one of your boxes.