Fumed Oak

I’ve been looking around for some darker woods to add to the deep tones in my quilt block compositions and a sales man at my favorite veneer house sent me a sample of fumed oak. Five minutes on the internet and I’m making it myself!

Oak has an acid in it called Tannic acid that can be darkened by exposing the wood to ammonia. A higher concentration than house hold ammonia is recommended but that sounded kind of dangerous so I just used the stuff from the supermarket and had great success, it takes longer that’s all.

I used this oak in my Valentines heart boxes that are in my Art Fire store HERE.

Here are before and after pictures of a piece of nice oak burl. It’s colored all the way through!

Right now I’m gearing up to start making my “blank” boxes I’ll use for the rest of the year so apologies if nothing new appears in my shop for a while. Meanwhile keep a weather eye out for that first Robin of spring!


  1. That fumed oak looks luscious! The fuming really makes the grains pop.