Aww, A New Born.

When Matisse was confronted with an empty canvas he immediately marked it up with some dirty turpentine. I always like that, show it who’s boss. If you stare into it long enough you may succumb to despair.
I’ve just made stacks of these, each a blank, each a decision making process.
So I turn to you. I need some suggestions for some good patterns. It would be great if the “box blocks” ideas came from the fans, color/wood ideas too. Pictures would be great if you have some, you can post them on the Facebook page.

I’m gearing up for the season. I just got my 10’ x 10’ craft show tent, and am planning on doing two small shows this summer/fall. Of course this year we’ll have the 6”, 4” and recipe boxes sizes. Some 9” later, and soon a new size/idea that will be very cool, but I’ll keep that under my hat for now. And of course there will be another giveaway towards the end of the season.

Have a great summer, and remember to support your local artisans and crafters when you can.


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