My Yin & Yang

It’s nice to get a shot of these“brother and sister” 5 inch cube boxes sporting the Storm At Sea quilt pattern while I've got them both here.  The dark wood is fumed oak.  It was noticed that oak beams and boards in old stables would turn dark brown and black.  Turns out that it was the ammonia from the horse’s urine that made the oak turn black.  Today the deed is accomplished with high strength ammonia.  Oak contains an acid called tannin that reacts to the ammonia.  The color in the oak is all the way through and doesn't sand away.
Lacewood is the pinkish wood and is related to oak.  The shimmery figure in the Lacewood is like the “tiger stripes” in quarter sawn oak.

Soon to be parted, one will go to a retail outlet I’m selling in or sell from my Etsy store.  
Email me for a great price if you’re interested in both. ;-)

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