The First Stickle Boxes.

Here are my first ten Stickle boxes!
The boxes are 4” square and 3 ¼” high.  I’ve used a very dense bird’s eye maple for the background of each block and the sides. A dot of the colored wood used in each box is inlayed into one side and across the seam to ensure perfect fit and that the grain pattern is continuous across each side.  A single piece of veneer is used for each side, top and bottom with virtually no loss. Even a small “bird’s eye” can be seen half on the lid, half on the bottom.
These first ten are now at the Bennington Museum store, with more on the way.  I’ll post when I get a batch up in my Etsy store.  I’ll be doing reverse colors too, just to liven things up a bit. 
We’re planning to make boxes using many more of Jane Stickle’s beautiful quilt blocks (all of them would take years!) with 6” versions and our 5” cube with a block on each face too!
Will there be coupons and sales?  Oh Yes.  We’ll be posting a printable (pdf) coupon that you can take to the museum for 10% off our boxes. 
The 1863 Stickle Quilt is on display only 6 weeks each year (in 2013, you can see it from August 31 to October 14).  Here’s the link to the Bennington Museum with all the details.  If you haven’t seen this incredible piece of American folk art you owe it to yourself to make the trip during the 150th anniversary of this treasure.

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