The Wedding Box

He is from Oregon and she is from Texas (and she’s my niece.)
They were married last week and I thought I’d share my gift for them with you.
It’s one of my 5” cube boxes with the Oregon state quilt block on the sides and the Texas state quilt block featured on the top.  The light wood is Tamo (Japanese Ash) and the red colored wood is Bubinga. We added the squares in the corners of the Texas star as a design element to help integrate the two patterns but that’s probably not necessary, marrying the two patterns on the box may be all the integration they need. 
We referenced The United States Patchwork Pattern Book: 50 Quilt Blocks For 50 States by Dover Publications.  It’s a collection of quilt block patterns from Hearth & Home Magazine, 1907 – 1912. The thought occurred to me to offer this type of combination box and a custom order from my Art Fire store and my Etsy store.  They’ll need a long order time though and they’ll be more expensive obviously but I think they’ll be worth it.

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