My New Art Fire Shop

Hey folks,
I’m posting to let you know I’ve decided to go with Art Fire for my online shop.

If you’ve been following for a while you know I originally was with a newer shop host called 1000 Markets. 1KM didn’t make it and sold to Bonanza where I stayed for a while but always felt odd selling on a platform whose biggest sellers were selling DVDs and discount “designer” hand bags.
Art Fire is all about handmade, and there are some very beautiful things there. The shop look is cleaner and more functional. You don’t have to register as a buyer like on Bonanza. Who needs another sign in name and password to remember? And I can have sections for like products like 4”boxes, Recipe, etc. So when the inventory climbs up in number you target your search easier.
I’ll be adding new things every week for some time, and getting things really started right with another giveaway. Some production changes have also allowed me to tweak my prices down bit.

So won’t you give my Art Fire a click and see what’s up?

1 comment:

  1. That’s great. Although the name and password can be a basis for protection and security, being able not to give that feat can actually entice more customers to stay and buy items… Besides, I’m sure your sure is secured wholly, right?